About Kenneth

Kenneth Schwoerke is a current student of web development at The Austin Coding Academy. He is pursuing program completion in the academy's Front End/Java Script track with an estimated completion date of early 2020. The content of this program includes HTML, CSS, Java Script, and associated frameworks. Kenneth is extremely interested in combining Aesthetics and Function with regards to software and web development. In addition to the program with the Austin Coding Academy Kenneth is also developing skills related to UI/UX development and is currently learning to utilize the Adobe Creative Suite for this purpose.

Prior to pursuing a career change into web development Kenneth worked as a Fine Artist as the owner of New Critter Studios. New Critter Studios operated in the Central Texas Area and through this studio Kenneth attended shows, galleries, and sold art to clients both on a contract and retail basis. Kenneth also has a background in counseling and education administration and worked as an academic advisor and clinical case worker at several governmental and educational institutions.

Outside of his career Kenneth enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, and hiking. He also enjoys spending time working on personal art projects and other creative activities.

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